Power Unseen

"Now we see through a glass darkly,
but then face-to-face."

An apocryphal yarn pictures an elementary school teacher’s method of introducing Darwinian style “science” to kids in her class. She invited a wide-eyed boy to go outside and look up to the sky. When he returned and took his seat, she invited his reaction.

“Tell the class what you saw, Billy?”
“Blue sky.”
“Anything else?”
“Did you see God?”
“Then, how can anyone know God exists?”

Convinced she had made her point, the teacher recognized a girl waving her hand, a classmate of Billy’s showing the makings of a future lawyer.

“What is it, Tiffany?”
“May I ask Billy another question?”
“Of course.”
“Billy, can you see our teacher?”
“Can you see our teacher’s brain?”
“Then how do you know she has a brain?”

Of course, the teacher has a brain.

But did the teacher inherit her memory and power to reason from an ancient fish as per Darwinian dogma? Human brains innovate and invent using inanimate, raw material. But the reverse? Is it logical to argue that living intelligence created itself accidentally from inanimate matter, thanks to dumb luck?

Of course, God exists! The teacher’s brain exists because the Creator of the Universe designed and gave life to her, complete with a functioning brain.

Pure air, composed of things like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, argon, CO2, methane and water vapor, wraps the earth in an invisible atmospheric blanket. Human can’t see unpolluted air, but even teachers don’t question its existence. Without it, seven billion Homo sapiens lives would be snuffed out in moments.

Cosmic space is loaded with billions of untethered spheres, floating in synchronized orbits so precise their exact paths can be tracked hundreds of years into the past and locations predicted at any targeted moment in the future. No astronomer questions the existence of that unimaginable power that designs and sustains cosmic traffic although invisible to human eyes and understanding.

Gravity moves Earth’s ocean tides up and down in mathematical precision every 24-hours but this gargantuan force exists outside the scope of mortal vision.

Life on Earth would be impossible without the energy released by unseen rays from the sun. Concurrently, life on our privileged planet could not survived but for the Van Allen belts protecting Earth from the sun’s killer radiation.

School kid Billy didn’t see the face of Almighty God but he did encounter overwhelming evidence of the invisible power of a loving God, the designer of the universe and the Creator and sustainer of all life on Planet Earth—including every school teacher and student.

In the words of the rhetorical question posed by rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, “must we really light a candle to see the sun?”


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