Power Unseen

"Now we see through a glass darkly,
but then face-to-face."

An apocryphal yarn pictures an elementary school teacher’s method of introducing Darwinian style “science” to kids in her class. She invited a wide-eyed boy to go outside and look up to the sky. When he returned and took his seat, she invited his reaction.

“Tell the class what you saw, Billy?”
“Blue sky.”
“Anything else?”
“Did you see God?”
“Then, how can anyone know God exists?”

Convinced she had made her point, the teacher recognized a girl waving her hand, a classmate of Billy’s showing the makings of a future lawyer.

“What is it, Tiffany?”
“May I ask Billy another question?”
“Of course.”
“Billy, can you see our teacher?”
“Can you see our teacher’s brain?”
“Then how do you know she has a brain?”

Of course, the teacher has a brain.

But did the teacher inherit her memory and power to reason from an ancient fish as per Darwinian dogma? Human brains innovate and invent using inanimate, raw material. But the reverse? Is it logical to argue that living intelligence created itself accidentally from inanimate matter, thanks to dumb luck?

Of course, God exists! The teacher’s brain exists because the Creator of the Universe designed and gave life to her, complete with a functioning brain.

Pure air, composed of things like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, argon, CO2, methane and water vapor, wraps the earth in an invisible atmospheric blanket. Human can’t see unpolluted air, but even teachers don’t question its existence. Without it, seven billion Homo sapiens lives would be snuffed out in moments.

Cosmic space is loaded with billions of untethered spheres, floating in synchronized orbits so precise their exact paths can be tracked hundreds of years into the past and locations predicted at any targeted moment in the future. No astronomer questions the existence of that unimaginable power that designs and sustains cosmic traffic although invisible to human eyes and understanding.

Gravity moves Earth’s ocean tides up and down in mathematical precision every 24-hours but this gargantuan force exists outside the scope of mortal vision.

Life on Earth would be impossible without the energy released by unseen rays from the sun. Concurrently, life on our privileged planet could not survived but for the Van Allen belts protecting Earth from the sun’s killer radiation.

School kid Billy didn’t see the face of Almighty God but he did encounter overwhelming evidence of the invisible power of a loving God, the designer of the universe and the Creator and sustainer of all life on Planet Earth—including every school teacher and student.

In the words of the rhetorical question posed by rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, “must we really light a candle to see the sun?”


The Van Allen Belt shields Earth from killer radiation.

No life form, even the simplest, single cell, ever created itself from non-living matter. Even Charles Darwin, the evolution guru who lacked the faintest clue that a living cell had a nucleus, admitted: “Science as yet throws no higher light on the essence or origin of life. 2

The silent sound of missing evidence continues unabated.

As of 2020, the chance hypothesis continues to lack serious, supporting, scientific evidence. Rice University’s synthetic organic chemist, James R. Tour, PhD’s, 22-minute lecture, “Life Ab Initio” has slammed the door on any idea that life could have created itself from non-living matter. “We don’t know how to define life, let alone how to spark it to begin.” 3

Lacking affirmative scientific evidence accounting for the origin of first life, evolution is left hanging in limbo, without sign of a starting gate.

The Genesis narrative depicting the history of Planet Earth, describes a chunk of water-covered, formless and empty matter, floating in dark cosmic space for an indeterminate period of time, prior to the creation of life. There was no sun, no moon and no solar system. 4

Secular theorists suggest the Earth is 4.54 billion years old, plus or minus a few million years. Without a nod to scientific reality that life cannot create itself from non-living matter, some humans believe living microorganisms appeared on Earth 3.77 billion years BP (before present).

Building on blind assumption that first life defied science and self-created, speculation abounds that life not only sprang spontaneously from inert matter, but, in the course of millions of subsequent years, went through five cycles of life creating itself, then evolving from the simple to complex and and finally falling victim to mass extinction.

By reliance on a combination of layers of strata, a cross-section of fossil locations, accepting evolution as “fact,” and radiometric dating, a series of five evolutionary events and mass extinction events have been devised.

According to this thinking, the first mass extinction occurred 440 million years BP; during the second, said to have occur 375 million years BP, 80% of living species were eliminated; a whopping 96% of living species vanished supposedly 250 million years ago; more than 50% of species went missing 200 million years BP; and it was during the extinction of 65 million years ago that dinosaurs went missing in action along with 75% of all other life forms.

Possible causes listed conventionally for these extinctions target a composite of usual suspects: continental shifts; drastic global climate changes; ocean pH and oxygen variants; volcanic explosions with concurrent basalt flooding; meteor and asteroid strikes; and microbes.

Geology and paleontology tell a significantly more ravaging story!

Missing from the roster of proximate causes are both killer radiation and hydraulic power. Challenges inevitably haunt extrapolations and assertions which ignore relevant evidence. Since no scientist walked the earth taking plant and animal species inventory prior to any of those five extinctions, calculations of percentage losses apparently rely on extrapolated guesswork.

Perhaps deadly radiation escaped priority recognition as a cause of mass extinctions because the role of the Van Allen Belt’s shielding Earth from radiation had not been fully understood prior to 1958. Without that invisible safety belt, life on earth could not originate or exist.

Reliability of “radiometric dating” calculations, also deserve analysis. Could time scales relying on the consistency of radiometric decay rates and the Van Allen Belt protective shield have remained stable during those vast stretches of deep time during which the planet faced assaults by continental land shifts, magnetic poll reversals and mass species extinctions?

The accuracy of time gaps assigned strata based upon a conjectured “Geologic Column” may fall short of slam dunk assessment. The stacks of variant strata laid down in a matter of 24 hours during the 1980 Mt. St. Helens volcanic explosion, provides an alternative trail of evidence.

Even if time calculations based on radiometric dating, are assumed to be accurate, the date of death of a fossil discovered in a layer of strata does not necessarily match the deep-time date assigned the strata. When a family pet dies and is buried on the “back forty,” the time of its life span doesn’t correlate with the age of the geologic age assigned the burial site turf!

Hydraulic power as a proximate cause of mass extinctions, also deserves scrutiny. It’s rational to suggest that all causes cited for mass extinctions, including Earth’s 1400 known volcanoes and it’s 18 super volcanoes, would have acted concurrently in the context of a single mass extinction unleashed by a catastrophic, global flood.

The remains of once living plants and animals normally decay and disappear when exposed to oxygen and nature’s ravages. But those same, former organic life forms, leave clues as to their prior existence in the form of fossils. Residual fossils can result when a plant or animal is buried suddenly, pressured by tons of sediment, deprived of oxygen and subjected to heat.

Honeycombing inside thousands of feet of West Virginia’s mountainous terrain is a black biomass treasure that heats homes and generates electricity. Masses of compressed ferns and trees, a residue of another time, provide the raw material for those rich coal veins. A once lush band of living vegetation, thriving under the sun’s rays, didn’t die a natural death.

Fossil fish have been discovered 17,000 feet up the slopes of the Andes Trilobites, crinoids and ostracods, marine life fossils, originally at home in sea beds, have been discovered strewn high and dry across the Summit of the Himalayan Mountains, where Mt. Everest towers 29,050 feet above sea level. Even if these marine critters could “swim like fish,” where was the waterway? Sea going creatures didn’t simply crawl or swim up the mountains to die but offer clues to a past natural disaster that gave Mother Nature a major league facelift.

Unleashed water power looms large as the likely culprit!

An ancient, once thriving organic biomass lies buried 35,050 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico where the Tiber Oil Field pumps black gold from a well, drilled down seven miles beneath the ocean’s surface.

Coal and oil didn’t bury themselves but remain a visible footprint left by a colossal hydraulic event that moved and built mountains. Something drastic and powerful must have happened to rearrange the face of Mother Earth in order to have spread once living plant and animal life forms across a vertical twelve-mile span—five miles up and seven miles down. Geology and paleontology both share evidence it would take serious hydraulic force to carve a 12-mile vertical footprint across the face of the Planet triggering an unprecedented mass extinction of life!

The catastrophic phenomenon is beyond regional. Genesis describes a global, hydraulic mass extinction that destroyed life and redesigned Earth’s face. The origin and purpose of life are inextricably co-mingled with global flood geology.

God is the Author of all science. Science and the Bible synchronize truth in three dimensions. If the Bible and science appear to disagree, it is because either one, the other, or both, are being misinterpreted. Charles Darwin’s built-in bias, blinded and corrupted his perception of both science and Scripture!

Darwin, a privileged elitist, embraced his caste system environment by marrying into the Wedgewood fortune. He devoted his influential career to justifying his culture of privilege and perpetuating its status quo.

During Queen Victoria’s reign, he asserted “man has ultimately become superior to woman.” 5 He looked down on working men by bragging “progress of all kinds…mainly depends on men who have not to labor for their daily bread. 6 He justified racial bias claiming “various races differ much from each other…the capacity of the lungs, the form and capacity of the skull …in their intellectual faculties. 7

All this from a guy who envisioned living cells as a blob of protoplasm, little more than “a relatively disappointing spectacle appearing only as an ever-changing and apparently disordered pattern of blobs and particles. 8 He lacked the faintest clue that a simple living cell had a nucleus, much less a DNA code dictating design of a species. Bereft of evidence, Darwin confessed “Imagination must fill up the very wide blanks.” 9

Charles’ imagination ran amok, conjecturing that human genealogy transited a tortured, twisted trail leading from the sea, and on to “Some extremely remote progenitor of the whole vertebrate kingdom” appearing “to have been hermaphrodite or androgynous…the progenitors of man must have been aquatic in their habitat 10 and derived from an ancient marsupial through a long line of diversified forms, either from some reptile-like or some amphibian-like creature, and this again from some fish-like animal.” 11

He even believed monkeys and men shared a common ancestor. “Man appears to have diverged from the Old World division of the Simiadae, after these had diverged from the New World division. 12 “The Simiadae…branched off into two great stems; the New World and Old World monkeys; and from the latter, at a remote period, Man, the wonder and glory of the Universe proceeded.” 13

Although that “common ancestor” view infected his ideas, there is no evidence the concept made it into the Darwin family’s recorded genealogy.

Darwin’s uncorroborated idea is shaken further by the sparsity of fossil evidence supporting his thinking. Since the nineteenth century, millions of fossils have surfaced but transitional life forms continue missing in the mix. Evolution theory cannot be verified without fossil intermediates. Those hoped-for links, missing in 1859, continue missing in action.

Darwin acknowledged this shortfall.

The number of intermediate and transitional links between all living and extinct species must have been inconceivably great. 14 “Why do we not find beneath this system great piles of strata stored with the remains of the progenitors of the Cambrian fossils? 15 “Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely-graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against the theory. 16

Knowing nothing about genes, chromosomes or DNA, Darwin had looked to fossils, hoping to verify his theory. He searched in vain. The virtually blank slate puzzled and frustrated. When paleontologists discover two fossils of the same species in close proximity, reality speaks. It’s virtually impossible to tell which fossil was the ancestor, which the descendant, or whether they were even related.

While these pertinent excerpts from his writings paint a bleak, blurry portrait of fact-free “science,” there’s more. In tandem with that “obvious and serious objection…urged against the theory,” Darwin’s eye-popping acknowledgements recognized “irreducible complexity.”

If it could be demonstrated that any complex organism existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. 17

Staring him in the face was the eye.

To suppose that the eye…could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd to the highest degree. 18

Nearly a century after publication of Origin of Species, Stanley Miller and Harold Urey took up the challenge to save a faltering theory by launching an attempt to create life from non-life in a laboratory setting. Their fore-doomed effort surfaced shortly before DNA’s double helix string of genetic data grabbed international headlines.

The duo admitted failure in 1952!

Spontaneous generation never made the cut demonstrating life could self-create accidentally in some “warm little pond.” Nor could the Miller/Urey team create the simplest living cell by adding human intelligence to the equation. Finite minds, capable of sending rockets to the moon, can’t begin to comprehend the “mystery of Godliness.”

Green-scum saturated warm water ponds couldn’t do it. Brilliant human intelligence couldn’t do it. Honest scientists acknowledge, “We don’t know how self-replicating life emerged from inanimate objects.” 19

A look at Darwin’s thought would be incomplete without a glimpse of his misunderstanding of Bible theology. This one time would-be preacher, declared he could never believe in a “damnable” doctrine in which a loving God would torture unrepentant sinners forever in the flames of a burning hell fire. Give that one to Darwin. Our Creator would never do that.

God alone holds the knowledge and the power to design and to create a life-sustaining ecosystem. This delicately balanced package requires a Planet not too near or too far from the sun; an atmosphere pre-loaded with oxygen; a circulating, fresh water system; salt water oceans to handle run-off; fertile, mineralized soil, friendly to plants; light from a sun that radiates energy; a carefully controlled climate; gravity; magnetic poles; and a Van Allen Belt to shield life from killer radiation. Without being a key component of a synchronous ecosystem, life could not exist!

At His command, God created all living things, topped with man, created in His own image. Earth’s entire creation event happened simultaneously, in a time-span of seven, consecutive, 24-hour days. The God-inspired Genesis narrative details the landmark event.


To God Be the Glory, Great Things He Has Done


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