Deep Time Fantasy

A Rationale for Young Life, and an Old Earth
The public is routinely fed reports of the discovery of fossils alleged to be millions of years old when, in reality, the date cited relates instead to the estimate age of the burial site of the discovery.

Photo: Cynthis Matty-Huber, excerpted from Robert F. Service, Science, Sep. 13, 2017.

Paleontologist Mary Higby Schweitzer’s discovery of soft, elastic tissue in a dinosaur fossil alleged to be 68-million years old, raised eyebrows of evolution theorists.

As recently as 2021, news broke of the Siberian find of mammoth molars alleged to be more than a million years old. The alleged age was based upon a time measurement of the matter surrounding the ancient remains. Earlier in this century, Mary Higby Schweitzer, PhD, rocked the paleontological world with her discovery of elastic tissue and blood vessels within a T-Rex dinosaur fossil touted to be 68-million years old.

The fossil age dates noted did not relate to any scientific age measurement of the prized specimens, but to the estimate age of the burial site inorganic matter surrounding the discoveries.

So, here’s the dilemma!

Without reliance on open-ended, multi-millions of deep time years, evolution lacks even the pretense of possibility. While deep time continues as a refuge for a bankrupt theory to survive, the multi-millions of years cited, is both scientifically inadequate and ultimately irrelevant.

Consider this: burying the remains of a beloved family pet at the foot of a 100-year-old oak tree, rooted deep in mother earth’s ancient turf, somewhere on the “back forty.” The precise date of the pet’s death is known; the oak’s tree rings will confirm a life span at variance with that of the pet; and the soil embracing the tree’s roots will display some ancient age.

In no way do the remains of the pet take on the older ages of the oak or the deep-time antiquity of the soil containing the tree’s roots. It would be scientifically absurd to assert the pet’s remains, the tree, and the soil share the same time frame.

This reality recognizes radiometric dating as pertinent to the inorganic matter that enshrouds a fossil but doesn’t correlate with the life span date of a once-living plant or animal. Currently discovered actual visual evidence can shatter the most deep-rooted conventional mythology, built on conjectured imaginings.

Elastic tissue fragments, and blood vessels, found in fossils of extinct dinosaur, offer serious support for the idea of young life appearing on Planet Earth, during a recent time span of several thousand years, having been trapped by a global hydraulic cataclysm and preserved in an old earth burial site.

It makes no scientific sense to assign fossil remains the same deep-time age as the matter surrounding the site of its discovery in order to accommodate dates allocated to evolution’s concocted trail of hoped-for transitionals. An organism that lived and died several thousand years before the present should not be saddled with a multi-million-year radiometric age given the matter composing its burial site.

Radiometric dating does not qualify as a fossil’s stopwatch. Assumptive factors, built into the equation, expose the calculation to possible error! Anomalies haunt the technology. Assumptive bias is an inadequate substitute for authentic science.

Deprived of a fool-proof, inflate ate dating crutch, evolution lacks any viable tool to authenticate the supposition any life form existed on Planet Earth millions of years before the present. To the contrary, discovery of elastic fibrous tissue in fossils alleged to be ancient, stands as persuasive evidence that young life walked the face of an old Earth.

A blob of water-covered matter, floating in dark cosmic space for an indeterminant span of deep time provided the platform for the creation of Planet Earth, complete with its ecologically balanced plant and animal life forms.

Unlike the abstract postulate that life created itself gradually, from non-living matter, over millions of years, the Genesis historic narrative confirms the creation miracle took place in the course of a week of seven, 24-hour days, only thousands of years before the present, at the command of Almighty God.


The presence of clearly identifiable “blood cells” and “highly fibrous… flexible…resilient” tissue discovered in dinosaur fossil bone fragments challenged conventional evolution theory alleging dinos became extinct millions of years before the present.

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