John C. Sanford, Ph.D.


University of Minnesota-St. Paul (1976)

Bachelor of Science – Horticulture

University of Wisconsin

Masters of Science – Plant Breeding/Plant Genetics (1978)
PhD of Science – Plant Breeding/Plant Genetics (1980)

“Modern thinking centers around the premise that man is just the product of a pointless natural process (undirected evolution)…If false, this doctrine has been the most insidious and destructive thought system ever devised by man…Modern Darwinism is fundamentally built upon what I will be calling ‘The Primary Axiom’…that man is merely the product of random mutations plus natural selection.”

“The Primary Axiom is actually an extremely vulnerable theory. In fact, it is essentially indefensible. Its apparent invincibility derives largely from bluster, smoke, and mirrors…Every form of objective analysis I have performed has convinced me that the Axiom is clearly false. So now, regardless of the consequences, I have to say it out loud: the Emperor has no clothes! ”

“We have reviewed compelling evidence that, even when ignoring deleterious mutations, mutation/selection cannot create a single gene within the human evolutionary time scale. When deleterious mutations are factored back in, we see that mutation/selection cannot create a single gene, ever. This is overwhelming evidence against the Primary Axiom. In my opinion, this constitutes what is essentially a formal proof that the Primary Axiom is false.”

 “What is the mystery of the genome? Its very existence is its mystery. Information and complexity which surpass human understanding are programmed into a space smaller than an invisible speck of dust. Mutation/selection cannot even begin to explain this. It should be very clear that our genome could not have arisen spontaneously. The only reasonable alternative to a spontaneous genome is a designed genome. Isn’t that an awesome mystery-one worthy of our contemplation?”

“Man and chimp differ by at least 150 million nucleotides representing at least 40 million hypothetical mutations (Britten, 2002). If man evolved from a chimp-like creature, there were at least 20 million mutations fixed within the human lineage (40 million divided by 2). Yet natural selection could only have selected for 1000 of those. All the rest would have been fixed by random drift, creating millions of nearly neutral deleterious mutations. This would not just have made us inferior to our chimp-like ancestors, it surely would have killed us.”

“Even as we cannot create life, we cannot defeat death. Yet I assert there is One who did create life and who designed the genome. I do not know how He did it but somehow He surely made the hardware, and He surely must have written the original software. He is called the Author of Life (Acts 3:15 – NIV). I believe the Author of Life has the power to defeat death and degeneration. I believe this is the good news.”

* John C. Sanford, Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome, (FMS Publications, New York: 2008), v-viii. 139, 154, 158, 164.

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