Harold G. Coffin, Ph.D.


University of Southern California (1969)

PhD, Sedimentology & Paleobotany

“At the present rate of sedimentation into the oceans, and the consequent rise of sea level as filling occurred, the continents would lower to sea level in 12 to 13 million years…The Mississippi River alone could have eliminated the whole Gulf in 10 million years.” 1

“Spark source mass spectrometry analysis of trace elements in the bands of ash revealed pulses of ash from four source areas for the Specimen Creek Petrified Forest…If these 65 ash layers (organic levels) were laid down over a long time span, the ash that was laid down thousands of years later near the end of the series of ash eruptions would have changed sufficiently to produce a new and different trace element profile. This has not been the case…Quick burial of the whole sequence seems to be required…

“Matching of rings from trees on different levels would be most unlikely if they are in position of growth. Arct has found matching growth ring patterns for upright trees separated by one or more levels. Living forests on successive levels that are sequentially buried by volcanic mud slides could not have grown at the same time and under the same weather conditions.” 2

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  2. Harold G. Coffin, “The Yellowstone Petrified ‘Forests”, origins.swau.edu/papersdinos/Yellowstone/default, 1999, retrieved May 8, 2012.

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