Founding Editor

Founding Editor

Photo, cira 1986

Warren LeRoi Johns, JD

Warren LeRoi Johns honed academic skills in four universities: La Sierra University, B.A., Religion; Andrews University, M.A., Church History; Michigan State University, post-graduate history studies; and a Juris Doctor awarded by the University of Southern California’s Law Center.

He was admitted to the California State Bar in 1959 and has held that membership for 63 years. His hometown Congressman, H. Allen Smith, moved his admission to the United States Supreme Court practice in 1963. He also was granted practice privileges before several Federal District Courts beginning with the U.S Southern District of California. Later, in 1976, he gained admission to both the Court of Appeals of Maryland and the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

Born at the dawn of the “Great Depression,” he spent most of his professional career standing up for the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech and religious liberty. His 1951 Seminary Master’s thesis analyzed the United States Supreme Court’s interpretation of First Amendment Free Speech guarantees between the years, 1941-1951. 

He co-founded California’s Church State Council. While serving as Council Director, Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 came into national focus. The Act prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. EEOC Commissioner invited Johns to come to Washington DC to consult with his staff relating to the civil rights protected by the Act.

While representing the Church State Council in Sacramento, he was elected to the eighteen-member Sacramento Area Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 1974, and was selected Chairman by its other members.

During the years 1975-1992, the Editor served as General Counsel to the General Conference, the world organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. A bold advocate of the creation miracle, Johns stands tall for civil rights with the belief that all mankind is “created equal” and all humans share a genome inherited from the identical, common ancestor couple.

Author of 13 books, his Dateline Sunday, U.S.A., an academic legal history documenting blue law confrontation with the U.S. Constitution, drew national attention in 1967. Later he used his lawyer’s perspective to target evolution’s “flaws” and “holes,” as admitted by Darwin, topped with the 2020 edition of Cosmic War: Battlefield Earth.

His strong advocacy of the Biblical narrative of creation appears in the website, , an international voice presenting the truth about God from the Christian perspective.

The foundation for this Biblical perspective began in the home of Christian parents; continued with a college Religion major; a Seminary Masters in Church History; and a series of Seventh-day Adventist associate pastorates in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Alaiedon, and Bunker Hill, Michigan, and Van Nuys, California, while attending the USC Law Center, all prior to championing the Christian cause in the legal profession.

His professional resume appears in Who’s Who in American Law; Who’s Who in America; and Who’s Who in the World. He holds the Church State of Achievement Award;” and La Sierra University’s 1994 “Alumnus of the Year” award.

A ten-year-old Johns joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1939, at the time his father pastored the Loma Linda College Church serving the medical community. He has attended, and been a delegate to nine General Conference sessions of the Church. beginning in San Francisco in 1936, with the last in 1990. 

He carries a vivid childhood memory of listening spellbound to the words of Solomon Islander Kato Ragoso, addressing that 1936 session. This devoted, converted Christian gentleman, son of a headhunting tribal chief, became a WW II hero for organizing scores of South Sea islander canoeists to rescue allied airmen and sailors from Pacific waters. John F. Kennedy, and his PT Boat crew, were among the rescued.

Kato Ragoso

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