All Men are Created Equal

Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

Slavery: Showcase for Evil
The “cornerstone” of the Confederacy “Rests upon the great truth
that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery,
subordination to the superior race,
is his natural and moral condition.”
Alexander Stevens, Confederate Vice-President, 1861

The Founding Editor of GenesisFile, met American Civil War veterans Albert Woolson in front of Woolson’s Duluth, Minnesota home. Woolson was aged 104 years at the time. He lived five more years to become the last Union Army survivor of the Civil War. His framed portrait once hung in the Gettysburg military museum.

Englishman Charles Darwin didn’t start the Civil War, but his blatantly elitist conjectures, published in 1859, two years before war’s explosion, were embraced by caste system cultures looking for ways to justify exploitation of fellow humans. Darwin, a racist who lacked the faintest
clue that a cell had a nucleus, pontificated divisive views while admitting his “speculations run beyond the bounds of true science.”   The feminine gender did not escape his ignorant assessments.

“…Man has ultimately become superior to woman.” Charles Darwin, Descent of Man, Vol. II, 328.

“The average standard of mental power in man must be above that of woman.” Charles Darwin, Descent of Man, Vol. II, 327.

“Various races differ much from each other…the capacity of the lungs, the form and capacity of the skull…in their intellectual, faculties.” Charles Darwin, Descent of Man, Vol. 1, 216.

“The western nations of Europe…immeasurably surpass their former savage progenitors and stand at the summit of civilization…” Charles Darwin, Descent of Man, Vol. I, 178.

The slaughter of the American Civil War resulted directly from a
twisted belief, by some, that all humans were not created equal.
The economy of a segment of the country was built on the
backs of human slavery.

Four years later, more than 620,000 white and black Americans
had lost their lives in a blood-bath that broke hearts, devastated
economies and left a trail of hatred, infecting minds more than a
century after a weary nation was left to heal wounds and
restore shattered lives


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