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After comparing a cross section of the titles featured below on this “Bookshelf,” an objective reader will most likely be at least skeptical of unverified assertions of the chance hypothesis. After viewing “Life Ab Initio”, the 22-minute lecture of a synthetic organic chemist featured on the Genesis File homepage, it should be obvious life could never have created itself from non-living matter, even in mega time.

This academic masterpiece was researched and written
by a 29-year-old John Nevins Andrews in 1858,
and first released, in book form, in 1862.

Suggested academic content for Genesis, a 3-hour
University credit course exploring mankind’s
origin, purpose and destiny.

design and catastrophe

Editor's choice

Design and Catastrophe correlates evidence from fifty-one scientists confirming the source of all life on Planet Earth and its supporting ecosystem. Published by Andrews University in 2021, this 240 page paperback delivers cutting edge reality debunking Darwin’s obsolete, superstitious nonsense.

Unprecedented Reading

Following recent discoveries of DNA design and the human genome, scientific evidence points to intelligent design as an essential component in life’s origin. The Bible’s Genesis narrative identifies Almighty God of the universe as the designer. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus presents life in full dimension. This book offers unprecedented perspective of Christ’s life, and His gift to us of abundant living today and forever life tomorrow.

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