Three Days Before the Sun

Johns, Warren LeRoi, JD, esq.

Three Days Before the Sun explores our origin, purpose and destiny in an eternity of time and an infinity of space! The “holes” and “flaws” acknowledged by Darwin in his evolution theory are precisely targeted with academic precision in a format designed for the general public. The scrupulously documented title dismantles the chance hypothesis, point-by-point, as a lawyer presents evidence to a jury. The 296-page, illustrated title comes salted with homey colloquialisms, methodically exposing unproven assumptions. But more than an exposé of flawed conjecture masquerading as science. Three Days Before the Sun offers a generic Christian glimpse of the raging origins controversy. The book compliments the faith of Christian communities who believe the Genesis account of the creation miracle while asserting the Creator of the universe is the Author of science.

AuthorWarren LeRoi Johns
Hardcover: 382 pages
Publisher:; 2015th edition (October 26, 2014)
Language: English
Available Starting: $19.95

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