Arthur Chadwick, Ph.D.

Arthur Chadwick, Ph.D.

The Chadwick Lecture Series

This series of lectures by preeminent scientist Dr. Art Chadwick, is a must-watch. Chadwick covers multiple topics, ranging from dinosaur body types to the philosophical importance of good science.

The Origin of Man

In this lecture, Chadwick probes the issues that arise when you take the designer out of origins. How can evolutionists explain the intricacies of modern molecular biology using only random processes and chance? The earliest fossils already had all the complexity at the cellular level that is present in any modern cell. But where did this design originate?

What can we learn about dinosaurs by excavating a huge bed of dinosaur bones for over 20 years? How have we advanced the science of paleontology? What happened to the dinosaurs? These and other questions are considered.

Knowing about dinosaurs also requires that you have some background in geology. In this lecture, Chadwick presents basic information about geology that will help prepare the students for a deeper understanding of dinosaurs.

An introductory lecture on the origin of the concept of dinosaurs and the scientists who hunted for them.
Chadwick discusses the fossils and fossil record of the Mesozoic, including the kinds of conditions the dinosaurs lived under and what we can learn about the Mesozoic flora and fauna from the fossil record.
Chadwick presents an introduction to the systematics of the Sauropod dinosaurs. This is the group that includes the largest land animals that have ever lived.

In this lecture, Dr. Wood presents his take on the Theropod dinosaurs. His interesting lecture includes a consideration of all those dinosaurs that are carnivorous.

Geologic time is one of the issues that occasions challenges to belief in creation more than any other. How do creationists deal with the issues of time. Chadwick tells of his research on issues dealing with deep time.
Chadwick introduces the Thyreophora, the Shield-bearers, a group of dinosaurs that includes Nodosaurus, a clade that are found on the Ranch.
This group (Bird-feet) includes the most abundant dinosaurs on the ranch. The hadrosaurs are ornithopods that include one of the largest Upper Cretaceous dinosaurs and also one of the most abundant. Chadwick here presents the group that includes Edmontosaurus, the duck-billed dinosaur.
These unique and interesting creatures include the famous Triceratops. Chadwick finishes off the dinosaur groups in this lecture.
This challenging lecture is presented by Chadwick to finish off the lecture series. Where did we come from? What are the fossil hominids and what do they mean?