The Evolution Myth Exposed
Three Days Before The Sun Three Days Before The Sun
The Saga of Life's Origin
By: Warren L. Johns

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First Light, First Life

In the event a lawyer asked a jury to believe an electric light bulb designed and created itself millions of years ago, without intelligent input, a jury of twelve reasonable men and women would roll their eyes in astonishment.

But when Charles Darwin suggested the first-ever, living cell created itself, by chance, in some warm little pond, without design or designer, many rational minds swallow the superstitious nonsense.

Of course there was a “beginning” when “God created the heavens and the earth,” but there is nothing suggesting an entire “young universe” was created simultaneously with the creation of life on earth 6,000 years BP. Without specific, persuasive Scriptural support, its presumptive to assert the eternal God of the universe figuratively sat on His creative hands until 6,000 years before the present!

Its theologically, scientifically, and rationally unpersuasive to contend the entire universe of space and matter was created the first day of the Genesis 1 creation week. To assume otherwise, requires radiometric dating’s time zero must have originated 6,000 years before the present.  Verifiable evidence supporting the required accelerated radioactive decay is missing.

The simplest known living cell, pre-loaded with DNA information that guides its development and reproduction, is infinitely more complex than any manufactured electric light bulb.  Yet the public has been assured that the science of biology, with its zoology and botany components, has been spawned from that flimsy, “warm little pond” scenario.

The exquisite precision of science, revealed in the ‘Book of Nature,’ is God’s gift! In contrast to the obvious ‘flaws’ and ‘holes’ in the chance hypotheses, science and Scripture speak in synchronous harmony, inextricably commingled in a meaningful big picture.


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