Beyond Forever
Evolutionism’s End Game

“Spontaneous generation is quaint myth. First life did not form independent of an intelligent act. Humans did not descend from fish via millions of accruing mutations. Evolutionism is flawed fiction, founded on a fabric of speculative assumptions.”

Creationists and evolutionists share a belief that life on earth had a beginning. Evolutionists credit random chance, an accidental event arranged through the collaboration of Mother Earth and Father Time. Creationists point to an ancient written record that identifies God as the Creator of all things in the course of a literal seven-day week.
The chance hypothesis, usurping the science banner, claims humans descended from a fish with a conjectured genealogy that includes a fish; an unidentified “hermaphrodite;” a critter with pointed ears and a tail; and eventually an ape-like common ancestor that swung through trees.
Favorite, knee-jerk “proofs” cite changes in the sizes and shapes of finch beaks; bacteria that display immunity to wonder drugs; or pepper tree moths that modify color from white-to-gray. But these examples only demonstrate each genome’s ability to diversify relying on the information inherent in its own, pre-existing DNA.
From beginning to end, bacteria continue, ad infinitum, to produce bacteria; finches remain finches; and moth descendants continue fluttering on as moths.
Citing the real to substantiate the never-was, is evolutionism’s dark secret!. Versatility, inherent in each genome, doesn’t prove Darwinian conjecture. Repetitious extrapolation doesn’t cut it!
So where’s the molecule-to-man conjectured by Neo-Darwinism?
It can’t be found in the fossil record or in molecular biology’s microscopic vision! Dumb luck, coincidence, and mutations can’t substitute for genetic information vested originally in each life by the Intelligent Designer.
Diversity within a life kind thanks to change resulting from the life form’s own Intra-Genomic Adaptability? Absolutely! As to Darwin’s quaint notion that humans likely descended from fish ancestry? Never!
There’s nothing evident in the last 4,000 years of living history that demonstrates one life form mutating into a new and entirely different kind of life—either gradually or by giant leaps! Its arguable that Darwin’s idea might have been trashed ab initio if exposed to technology and data commonplace in 21st century science.
Evolutionist George Kerkut identified seven assumptions anchoring evo theory. Opinion built on assumption requires faith and the chance hypothesis is faith based, out-of-context with testable science.
Beyond Forever could, and perhaps should be two books: the first exposing the flaws in neo-Darwinian conjecture and the second featuring rationale for faith in the Creator in the context of a “Big Picture.”
The text examines evidence that a lawyer might present to persuade a jury searching for truth. Neither lawyer nor scientist can claim ultimate knowledge or infallible wisdom. A doctorate in jurisprudence does not equate a degree in microbiology. But lawyers are trained to assemble, evaluate and present evidence. That’s why, in an attempt to present the “whole truth,” Beyond Forever presents aggregate evidence that includes the truth about God and the miracle of His creation.
The weight of evidence offers little comfort to the extravagant, unsubstantiated assertions of Neo-Darwinism. Abstract theory concocted from unproven assumptions coupled with extrapolations from the real to prove the never was proves nothing.
In a free society, the public serves as the ultimate jury.
I believe the overwhelming weight of evidence points to the miracle of life having been intelligently designed by the Creator of the universe and placed on earth in the course of a literal, seven-day creation week. A significant number of readers composing the public jury reviewing Beyond Forever will agree. Paper copies are available at competitive pricing through online book retailers.

Beyond Forever: Evolutionism's End Game
Beyond Forever: Evolutionism’s End Game

Author: Warren LeRoi Johns
Paperback: 356 pages
Publisher: (September 7, 2006)
Language: English
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