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Exploring our origin, purpose and destiny in an eternity of time and an infinity of space!

Evolution, Darwin style, never happened!
Homo sapiens were created, one-of-a-kind—Sui generis. No evidence exists proving humankind shared an ancestor with a fish, a hairy critter with pointed ears and a tale, or “Old World division” monkeys.
DNA from cheek swabs and blood samples taken in 2008 from hundreds of humans, reveal migration routes and genetic markers
that distinguish diverse racial groups. While the report builds on the conventional “out-of-Africa” scenario, the migration map identifies the Middle East as the primary migration takeoff point for most of the world’s geography.
Apart from slight adjustments in the male’s Y-Chromosome and the female’s mtDNA, the study confirms all seven billion humans belong to the identical same species.
No valid scientific evidence suggests Homo sapiens are presently evolving into some new and different format nor does it show any shared ancestral connection with “Old World division” monkeys as conjectured by Darwin.
Darwin admitted “my speculations run beyond the bounds of true science,” that his conjectures were “a mere rag of an hypothesis with as many flaws and holes as sound parts,” while fretting he may “have devoted my life to a phantasy.”
He had reason for concern!
“…Studies have indicated the overwhelming majority of humans have a recent common ancestor within the last 5,000 years (albeit between any two individuals it may not be the same ancestor.” (See Three Days Before the Sun, 225)
“Identical ancestors point,” a moment when ancestors common to all humans lived, has been estimated by some to be from 5,000 to 15,000 years before the present.
Chance hypothesis assumptions have yet to be validated by objective science! Evolution is not happening now—it never happened!
Genesis File exposes Darwin’s “flaws” and “holes” with academic precision. Print copies of the full-color, illustrated paperback are available through online retailers at competitive prices.

Genesis FileGenesis File

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