Abundant living

by Warren L John, J.D.

After months of intense laboratory experimentation, scientists Miller and Urey surrendered to reality in 1952: they had failed in an attempt to create a simple living cell from non-living matter. Even under optimum conditions and precise application of life sciences, their efforts proved futile.

Mission impossible!

The year after Miller and Urey’s experiment hit the laboratory brick wall, the hexagonal shape of those mysterious strands of DNA life code was discovered.

Every living cell of every kind of plant and animal life form carries DNA that dictates its design. There is no such thing as a living cell without DNA and RNA.

Intelligent minds, functioning within a controlled laboratory environment, lacked the creative skill, much less the formula, to create life ab initio from inert, pre-biotic matter.

To suggest life could create itself accidentally, from non-life, if given enough time abandons logic.

Time supports stasis in the animal and plant kingdoms.

Deep time years, in any number of multi-millions, has not generated entirely new and entirely different genetic information assumed by evolution theory. Change occurs, over time, but tends to inflict deterioration that can corrupt gene pools—never adding uniquely new and different genetic information.

No question about it, life had a beginning.

Just as the human brain and body is vastly superior to that of the butterfly, the Intelligent Designer that hung the sun in dark, cosmic space and created all life on what had been a blob of water-covered matter floating in dark space is infinitely superior to anything human. Since all life forms are mutually interdependent for survival within a planet-wide, perfect ecosystem, the landmark event occurred simultaneously within a matter of days.

Since God is the Author of science, religion and science cannot be in conflict. If conflict appears, then mankind’s interpretation of either one, the other, or both must be in serious error.

Not only were humans created in the “image of God,” their creator, mankind was given dominion over all other life forms and material resources comprising what is called Planet Earth. The “little blue dot” radiated a level of honor that included the privilege of communication with the Creator.

Despite being blessed with an awesome level of intelligence, the first human ancestor couple were conned into making choices that shattered perfection, marring their DNA. Genetic deterioration set in, leading to eventual death.

An MIT computer analysis suggests all humans descended from a common ancestor couple that lived on earth but a few thousand years before the present.

“Based on the results of a series of computer models, it seems likely that our most recent common ancestor [MRCA] may have lived between 2,000 and 5,000 years ago…The point beyond which everyone alive today shares the same set of ancestors [identical ancestors point] is somewhat harder to predict, but it most likely falls between 5,000 and 15,000 years ago, with a significantly more recent date for the point at which we share nearly the same set.” Douglas L. T. Rohde, On the Common Ancestors of All Living Humans, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, November 11, 2003, 27.

Every human who has lived on Planet Earth derived his or her genes from that same, identical Homo sapiens genome. There is no such thing as a superior race, only variations based upon a DNA code inherited from isolated gene pools. All humans belong to the identical species.

Racism displays the sordid arrogance of blatant ignorance.

That first ancestor couple was endowed with a genome created in the “image of God,” awarded dominion over all life on Planet Earth’s pristine environment and honored with the privilege of communicating directly with the Creator. Despite being endowed with brilliant minds and a warning to avoid a single tree loaded with an exotic appearing but toxic fruit, conned into a quest to gain the wisdom of God, Adam and Eve ignored the warning and ate the fruit.

They didn’t drop dead that moment. But the death spiral had set in. The human genome was corrupted and all descendant generations were infected with the virus of evil. In route to an inevitable death, humanity lost touch with face-to-face contact with the Almighty God of the universe and descended downwards, out-of-control, cursed by the blackness of total depravity!

Perfection faded into inconceivable levels of debauchery.

A tragic trail of pain, jealousy, bigotry, hate, greed, famine, deceit, betrayal, thievery, racism, slavery, murder, torture, tyranny and the bloody, mass violence of war has infected every descendant generation since that common ancestor couple knowingly disobeyed God. Ever since the human genome has been deciphered, science continues to uncover a plethora of mutated genes that inflict a menu of deleterious diseases and birth defects on vulnerable human bodies, minds, and souls as dividends of sin.


An antidote to evil is available to those seeking refuge from the storm!

A select cross-section of character traits are certain to draw rave reviews in every human culture. The source of goodness is something more than the luck of the draw from a corrupted gene pool. Wherever these traits exist, they jump out in living color.
For starters: giving food for the hungry; water for the thirsty; housing and clothing strangers; care for the sick; time to visit the imprisoned.

There’s more!

One God + One Person = The Church

Love your neighbor; patience; kindness; faithfulness; gentleness; self-control; forgiveness; compassion—you get the picture. When these external traits flow instinctively from the inner person, the immediate consequence is “abundant” living and an inner “peace that passes all understanding.”

This life-style may be coveted but it can’t be purchased for money or acquired by imposing an iron-clad discipline. But the option is available to the most disreputable human who has ever walked the Earth. All it takes is choosing to invite the power of the Spirit of the Almighty God, to enter the life and recreate the shambles of a life and form an entirely new, redirected person.

The radical, revolutionary change is profound—a “new birth.”

From that moment on, character-building becomes a built-in work of a lifetime, growing in grace. Mistakes may be made but while living under the robe of Christ’s righteousness, committed Christians will be judged by the direction they are taking in the footsteps of Christ, not by the occasion good or bad deed.

That said, the true Church consists of two: the born-again humble human and the Almighty, all-powerful God of the universe. Beyond evidence of those good traits in everyday living, members of this “Church” who “obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus” by reflecting the perfect traits of character demonstrated in His ministry.

Each individual “Church” is like the spokes of a wheel, united as one with Christ the hub. Unity is not the result of an organization, brand name or a building but through a personal connection to Jesus Christ. While one person plus God comprises the “Church,” social unity produces the joy of mutual fellowship and the power of united spiritual action—a geometric effect.

Christian living accommodates the circadian rhythms that govern our physical and mental well-being. “Born again” lifestyle contributes to that “abundant living” and that cherished inner “peace that passes all understanding.”

God’s gift of life includes a guarantee of emancipation from the degradation of sin and the evil bondage of physical slavery. The Creation Sabbath, observed by Christ as the ‘’Lord of the Sabbath,” offers a 24/6 week of secular action that is unplugged on the seventh-day of the week.

Homo sapiens co-exist in an environment overwhelmed with a cacophony of blaring noise and distractive views. The Creation Sabbath is a declaration of rights offering escape from hum drum bondage. It was “made for man” to “be still and know that I am God” by worshipping Him with family and friends. The sacred time interval offers opportunity to see the work of God’s hands in the Book of Nature, and to learn the truth about God by studying the Bible and the miracle of Christ’s ministry on Earth.

More than enhanced living today, “the saints who obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus” will be invited to a forever Grand Reunion awarded to all who believe and follow—an incredible saga of “Amazing Grace” in action.