Victorious Living

Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and the life.”
After His crucifixion, 500 people witnessed Christ’s victory
over death during the 40 days following His resurrection.

Charles Darwin admitted: 
“I am quite conscious that my speculations 
run beyond the bounds of true science.”

The City of San Francisco embraced the 1936 world session of the
General Conference with this spectacular garden welcome.

Kato Rangoso

Delegates to San Francisco’s 1936 SDA General Conference Session were held spellbound by the sweet, gentle words and voice of Solomon Islander, Kato Rangoso. Son of a tribal Chief, prone to violence, the fierce looking Kato turned his life around when he discovered the victorious living of the Christian faith. During WW II, scores of his fellow skilled canoeists, under his leadership, rescued hundreds of servicemen from death in the South Pacific, including future U.S. President, John F. Kennedy.

Eight Crumpled Bills

Mathew 25 Christianity “Victorious Living”

K9 Police Officer Seara Burton

Seara Burton, a Richmond, Indiana, 28-year-old Police Officer, carried “a face that would default to a smile.” Much loved by the Police Department, and the community, whatever her faith, she lived the life of a Mathew 25 Christian.

Fronting with that incandescent smile, Officer Burton made a point to walk and talk with “street people”, doing all within her power to bring comfort and hope to the homeless and the hungry. The lady loved and served all citizens of Richmond.

Then for no reason, to the shock and horror of all Richmond citizens, a bullet fired by an evil villain, murdered the beloved K9 Peace Officer. The entire, grief-stricken community, mourned her loss.

A few days later, an unknown, poorly-dressed stranger, appeared at the front desk of Police HQ. He delivered a white envelope to the duty clerk. When opened, eight, crumpled one-dollar bills fell to the desk. 

The stranger explained he had taken a collection from his fellow street people as a memorial of love to the memory of Officer Burton. These unselfish strangers owned virtually nothing, but in generous response to the love shown them, they gave what they had from their hearts—eight crumpled bills.

These dear, unselfish humans, responded to God’s love delivered to them daily by a young woman who exemplified the instructions of Jesus. Whatever Officer Burton’s personal faith, she lived the life of a Mathew 25 Christian.

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