Science Checks In…

Science checks in

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(photo by © Chandler Johns)

1—Disarming the Big Bang—8
Chemical Evolution

2—Cosmic Convergence—16
A Life-friendly Ecosystem

3—Against All Odds—22
First Life

4—The Molecular Machine—29
Biological Evolution’s Stumbling Block

5—Evolution’s “Star” Witness—38
Darwin Cross-Examined

6—Fact-free “Science”—43
Science or Superstitious Nonsense

7—Paging Sherlock Holmes—53
Missing Links

8—The Laughing Mouse—62
Irreducible Complexity

9—An Inconvenient Truth—70
Extrapolation is Not Evolution

10—Plant Kingdom—81
Plant and Animal Kingdom Diversity

11—Natural Selection, Gene Pool Style—90
Intra-genomic Adaptability

12—DNA Dictates Design—94
Language of Life

13—“Refuse Materia of Nature’s Workshop”—108

14—The Mutation Curse—116
Corrupted DNA

15—“According To Its Kind”—124
Stubborn Stasis

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

17—Man Hunt—140
Genealogy: Darwin Style

18—Fossil Pretenders—152
Ida, Ardi and Lucy

19—In the Beginning—162
The Science of Embryogenesis

20—Command Center—169
Human Brain

21—Ancient High-Tech—177
Advanced Cultures

22—“The Cradle of Civilization”—187
Middle East

23—Mother Earth’s Facelift—195
Global Gully-Washer

Fossil Cemeteries and an Ice Age

25—Talking Rocks–216
Geologic Column

26—Playing the Time Card—229
Radiometric Dating

27—Time Zero—238
Young Life, Old Earth

28—The Book of Nature—251
Natural Wonders, Seen and Unseen

29—Not a Chance—256
Intelligent Design

30—The Day Without a Yesterday—264
The Moment Time Began

31—The Greatest Life Ever Lived —275
Finding God

32—Battlefield Earth—283
The “Good News” Goes Global

33—Celebrating Creation—288
A Day to Remember

34—Darwin’s Red Carpet—297
Creation Sabbath Eclipsed

35—The New Creation—303
Let Go and Let God

36—Cosmic Peace—310
“Peace that Passes All Understanding”

Preach Christ, Use Words if Necessary