Human Brain

“Positive thoughts strengthen positive reaction chains
and release biochemicals, such as endorphins and serotonin,
from the brain’s natural pharmacy. Bathed in these positive environments,
intellect flourishes, and with it, mental and physical health.”
Carolyn Leaf

To claim the human brain evolved in random increments from non-living matter over mega-millions of years epitomizes the arrogance of ignorance.

Wesley Kime Colleague painting

© Dr. Wes Kime

Physician Wesley Kime’s oil portraits are reminiscent of
John Singer Sargent’s talent. Dr. Kime captured this vision
of a colleague contemplating a life-saving protocol for a patient.

Commonplace events that defy comprehension, much less scientific explanation, qualify as taken-for-granted “miracles.” A man and a woman are vested with the power to share their genes and recreate a new human life. New humans arrive carrying the genetic code of two parents, blended in a one-of-a-kind mix.

No one expects a couple’s union will produce some weird and different life form as forecast by evolution’s deep time format. Still, some humans who swallow Darwin’s life-by-accident from non-life scenario as the kick-off point for human genealogy, expect their offspring to inherit traits carried by their own parental gene pool as long as harmful mutations don’t intrude.

Misuse of the miraculous power to perpetuate life as nothing more than irresponsible recreation, prostitutes a sacred gift. Original creation is ratified repeatedly by the privilege of parenting children, inspired by shared responsibility built on the mutuality of love.

Another, taken-for-granted miracle: sunbeams brighten the earth with miraculous, life-energizing rays powered by a super-heated furnace, all to a subdued human chorus of ho-hum yawns.

And then there are those more than seven billion cerebral computers, each spinning off four billion calculations per second. The human brain generates more electrical impulses in a single day than all the world’s telephones put together. The body package thrives with a mind loaded with creativity, capable of calculating complex equations and a freewheeling imagination able to concoct impossibly weird theories of life’s beginning.

No rational person argues an electronic personal computer designed and assembled itself by random reactions of inert matter. Regardless, some otherwise intelligent minds insist human brains originated from a non-intelligent source, by the luck of the draw, without design or designer.

Intelligent reasoning power acquired accidentally from unintelligent matter? Talk about an unscientific leap of faith!

If human brains can concoct theories suggesting life evolved from non-life, why can’t man’s intelligence create a single living cell?

Gene expression profiles, residing in the brain’s cerebral cortex, differ significantly between chimps and humans. Comparing the two, “…it seems that the brain is really special in that humans have accelerated patterns of gene activity.” 2

Give credit where credit is due.

No reputable university has awarded a Ph.D. to a chimp. Cute pets display clever behavior but never come close to an academic level that justifies a kindergarten graduation certificate. Chimps and dogs understand many human language words. Parrots and Lyrebirds mimic sounds and many spoken words and phrases. The fact remains: No animal brain comes close to matching the human mind.

The human brain works creative wonders, thanks to a built-in blood pump and circulatory system. The heart and the brain function jointly as mutually dependent colleagues. Without a constant flow of blood to the brain, death arrives momentarily.

Brains orchestrate action in mega dimension beyond the capability of the most intricately designed electronic computer. A single brain cell is said to be able to hold five times as much information as contained in a set of printed encyclopedias.

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