Global Gully-Washer

“Areas of unknown extent are buried under strata which rest on them
uncomformably, and could not therefore constitute the original capping,

under which the whole of these rocks must once
have been deeply buried.” 1
Alfred Russell Wallace

The same guy that assured his readers that a bear could evolve into a sea creature as “monstrous as a whale,” went on to declare, “we may feel certain…no cataclysm has desolated the whole world.” 2

Undeterred by lack of credentials as hydrologist, paleontologist, or even as a university-trained geologist, Charles Darwin staked out his claim rejecting the idea of a worldwide flood by substituting his personal fiat for hard fact.

Active geyser


Fountains of the deep” exploded to combine with forty days of torrential rain to bury the planet in the Global Flood.

Despite massive doses of spin and hype, when a discredited idea is fed into a fact machine hoping for evolutionary metamorphosis, the machine still grinds out fiction. We are not privy to the source of Darwin’s inside information disputing the worldwide flood, but significant clues suggest he didn’t know what he was talking about.

While Darwin’s five-year HMS Beagle adventure exposed him to exotic locations, he never came close to investigating the geography and geology of the entire world. Nor did his five-year excursion aboard the Beagle provide sufficient data for his arbitrary judgment call dismissing a worldwide flood.

Turning his back on the Biblical account of life’s creation miracle, he likely understood that if he bought into the deluge of Noah’s day, his thesis would be hung-out-to-dry, demolished and swept away as so much fossilized flotsam in a rising tide of contrary evidence.

Genesis 1:2 describes a water-covered earth prior to the creation of life. Since water covered the earth prior to the creation of life, it’s not unreasonable to recognize the possibility of a relatively recent worldwide hydraulic deluge covering “all the high mountains” after life’s appearance.

A defense witness in the 1925 Scopes “Monkey Trial” said practically all of the earth has at some time or other been covered by water.” 3

Donald R. Lowe, Stanford professor of geological and environmental sciences, with colleague Louisiana State geologist Gary R. Byerly, speculate that 3.47 million years ago, earth may have been mostly covered with water when struck by a meteor. The scientists reasoned if the ocean contained the same volume of water as today, it would have been two miles deep. 4

One twentieth century observer believes “the world got soaked seventy million years ago, as sea levels rose five hundred feet.” 5

The “five hundred feet” assessment sounds suspiciously global.

Alfred Russell Wallace, evolutionist contemporary of Darwin and hardly a fan of the Global Flood of Noah’s day, cited “denudation” and “destruction” of the earth’s geology as explanation for the lack of transitional forms. However inadvertent the reference, his description of earth’s geology can be read to imply fingerprints of a past, worldwide cataclysm.

“…Denudation is always going on, and the rocks that we now find at the earth’s surface are only a small fragment of those which were originally laid down…the frequent uncomformability of strata with those which overlie them, tell us plainly of repeated elevations and depressions of the surface, and denudation on an enormous scale.

Almost every mountain range, with its peaks, ridges, and valleys, is but the remnant of some vast plateau eaten away by sub-aerial agencies; every range of sea-cliffs tell us of long slopes of land destroyed by the waves; while almost all the older rocks which now form the surface of the earth have been once covered with newer deposits which have long since disappeared.” 6

Wallace believed “…granite can only be formed, and metamorphism can only go on, deep down in the crust of the earth…What an overwhelming idea does this give us of the destruction of whole piles of rock, miles in thickness and covering areas comparable of those of continents…” 6

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