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Science Checks In…

© Chandler Johns

About the Book (Content)

1---Disarming the Big Bang---8

Chemical Evolution

2---Cosmic Convergence---16

A Life-friendly Ecosystem

3---Against All Odds---22

First Life

4---The Molecular Machine---29

Biological Evolution’s Stumbling Block

5---Evolution’s “Star” Witness---38

Darwin Cross-Examined

6---Fact-free “Science”---43

Science or Superstitious Nonsense

7---Paging Sherlock Holmes---53

Missing Links

8---The Laughing Mouse---62

Irreducible Complexity

9---An Inconvenient Truth---70

Extrapolation is Not Evolution

10---Plant Kingdom---81

Plant and Animal Kingdom Diversity

11---Natural Selection, Gene Pool Style---90

Intra-genomic Adaptability

12---DNA Dictates Design---94

Language of Life

13---Refuse Materia of Nature’s Workshop”---108


14---The Mutation Curse---116

Corrupted DNA

15---“According To Its Kind”---124

Stubborn Stasis


The Second Law of Thermodynamics

17---Man Hunt---140

Genealogy: Darwin Style

18---Fossil Pretenders---152

Ida, Ardi and Lucy

19---In the Beginning---162

The Science of Embryogenesis

20---Command Center---169

Human Brain

21---Ancient High-Tech---177

Advanced Cultures

22---“The Cradle of Civilization”---187

Middle East

23---Mother Earth’s Facelift---195

Global Gully-Washer


Fossil Cemeteries and an Ice Age

25---Talking Rocks--216

Geologic Column

26---Playing the Time Card---229

Radiometric Dating

27---Time Zero---238

Young Life, Old Earth

28---The Book of Nature---251

Natural Wonders, Seen and Unseen

29---Not a Chance---256

Intelligent Design

30---The Day Without a Yesterday---264

The Moment Time Began

31---The Greatest Life Ever Lived ---275

Finding God

32—Battlefield Earth---283

The “Good News” Goes Global

33---Celebrating Creation---288

A Day to Remember

34---Darwin’s Red Carpet---297

Creation Sabbath Eclipsed

35---The New Creation—303

Let Go and Let God

36---Cosmic Peace---310

“Peace that Passes all Understanding


Preach Christ, Use Words if Necessary

Against All Odds
First Life

Molecular Machine
Evolution's Stumbling Block

DNA Dictates Design
Language of Life