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Atty. Warren L. Johns

Warren LeRoi Johns in 1989

Committed to the authenticity of the Bible and the Genesis account of a literal, seven-day creation week, Warren L. Johns believes an objective reading of Genesis confirms the miraculous creation of life took place only a few thousand years BP, while the blob of water-covered, inert matter, floating in cosmic darkness, pre-existed the creation of life and its supporting ecosystem.

Johns views evolution theory as built on a fragile house of cards given its inability to explain, scientifically, the origin of that first living cell from non-living matter—complete with a fully-functioning genetic code.

Johns challenges the chance hypothesis by spotlighting Darwin’s admitted “flaws” and “holes” with meticulous precision. At the core of the challenge, the author attacks the notion that the Plant Kingdom’s redwoods and the Animal Kingdom’s butterflies all evolved from the same “primordial cell” that created itself from non-living matter in some conjectured “warm little pond”.

 “Evolutions is a ‘fairytale for grownups’ by claiming, without evidence, that an intelligent human brain owes its ancestry to a cell that created itself accidentally, independent of a complex design put in place by the act of a far-superior, intelligent source.”

A 1958 graduate of the University of Southern California’s Law Center, Johns was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court in 1963. He holds the Church State Council’s 1972 Frank Yost Award; Andrews University’s 1981 “Alumnus of Achievement” recognition; and La Sierra University’s 1994 “Alumnus of the Year” award. His professional resume appears in Who’s Who in American Law; Who’s Who in America; and Who’s Who in the World.

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